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CS Server Merge Scheduled on February 28th @ 01:00 AM EST (February 27th @ 10:00 PM PST)


A server merge is scheduled for Tuesday, February 28th beginning at 01:00 EST (February 27th @ 10:00 PM PST). These servers will be down for approximately 3 hrs to allow for adequate testing, but could be shorter. The servers to be merged are:

US East Servers:

S73, S75, S77, S78, S81, S82, S85, S87, S89, S91, S93, S95, S97, S99 and S101(Monarch's Rest) will merge together.

US West Servers:

S74, S76, S79, S80, S83, S84, S86, S88, S90, S92, S94, S96, S98, S100 and S102(Icy Labyrinth) will merge together.

Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

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