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You may strengthen your equipment using the Item Enchantment tab.

1. First, open your bag (B) and click on Enchant.

2. Place your equipment in the middle socket. Insert Enchantment Dust/Stone/Crystals in the surrounding sockets.

You may select "Auto" or "Best", and the system will find required materials in your inventory. The higher quality the Enchantment material is, the higher the successful rate will be.

Auto: Automatically select materials currently in your inventory.

Best: Find the best enchantment materials for the equipment. If you currently do not have the material, it will suggest buying it from the Item Mall.

Additionally, once your weapon level reaches a certain level, it shows rays of colorful light.

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Q:What should I do if I can't enter the game on my browser?

A:Click here to download and install our official Mini-Client.