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Interface Introduction


System Settings – Sound settings, game effects, attack settings and other game play options.

League (G) – League information, announcements, resources, declaration and member list.

Party (P) –The parties in current map, create, join, leave and disband party.

Friends (O) – Add and remove friends, ignore list and marriages.

AFK Mode (.) – Bot-mode. Use this to farm items and equipment.

Toolbar – Place skills and potions for easy access.

Quest (T) – Check current quest and available quests.

Skills (V) – Skill and talents based on class.

Bag (B) – Your inventory.

Mount (N) – View all mounts and their properties.

Character (C) – Your character.

Viewing – Show or hide magic effects and/or players.

Wings (J) – View your battle wings and their properties.

Item Mall (Y) – Purchase powerful items and materials.

Daily Bonus – Apply for daily bonuses.

Events – There are a number of events, activities and bosses available.

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Q:What should I do if I can't enter the game on my browser?

A:Click here to download and install our official Mini-Client.