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Learning Skills

·         • One skill point is gained with every two levels.

·         • Click Skill (V) to view your class skills. Click + besides a skill icon to acquire the skill.

·         • Drag skills to the toolbar for easy access.

·         • Passive skills cannot be dragged to the toolbar.

Add someone as a friend

·         • Click Friend (O)

·         • Input friend's in-game name. Click Add Friend.

·         • Once confirmed, the player will be shown in your buddy list.

Note: Only online players can be added as friends.

Repairing your equipment

Over a period of time, your equipment will deteriorate. Reparations may be done by any NPC vendor. Click Repair to repair an individual item. Click Repair All to repair all items.


Hover your mouse over a monster or enemy. Your cursor will change into a sword. Click once (or double click if you have modified your settings) to attack.

·         • Pressing ~ will target the nearest monster.

·         • Shift + left click will target a monster without attacking.


Once you have captured a pet successfully, it will join you for battles. There are a number of options and features for pets. For more details, click Pet (X). Pets will receive the highest amount of experience if the monster is within ten levels of its level.

First, you may acquire pets through quests. Secondly, you may also obtain pets by visiting Monster Island and taming nearby animals using Pet Taming Scroll. Lastly, all players may buy rare and unique pets from the Item Mall.


To view your mounts, click Mounts (N). Once you have reached Level 15, you will receive your first free mount through a string of quests. Players may feed and transform mounts to increase movement speed and additional properties. All mounts are transformable. You will receive additional mounts through various quests at Level 30 and Level 45.

Quest Mounts:

Level 15 – Turtle

Level 30 – Fox

Level 45 – Horse

Battle Wings

Once you reach Level 20, you will receive your first Battle Wings by accepting and completing a quest from Monikov, The Dream Master.

Quest Pathfinding

A number of quests implement our pathfinding feature. Either click Quests (T) or view the Quest Tracking module. Underlined NPCs or items have the pathfinding feature. Pathfinding will automatically direct you to the quest location. If the quest does not have pathfinding, simply open the map, click a destination and you will automatically move there.

Creating and joining a party

·         • Click Party (P).

·         • You will now see a list of every group in your current area.

·         • To join a party, select the party and click Join Party.

·         • To create a party, simply click Create Party.

·         • To invite a player to your party, target the player, click their avatar and clickInvite to Party.


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