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Joyopark Deadline Announced!

The CS Team has established a deadline for Joyo players who wish to have their characters restored.  Players must send a private message to R2CS_JPRestore on the forums by July 15 at 18:00 Beijing Time (UTC+8:00).  This message should contain:
●     Your Real Name:
●     Email Address:
●     New R2 Account Name:
Joyo Account Information
●     Account Name:
●     Registration Date:
●     Registration IP/Country:
●     Email address used to register at Joyo:
●     Server:
●     Character Name:
●     Character Level:
Last Recharge
●     Date of Last Transaction:
●     Transaction Number:
●     Amount:

Players who do not meet this deadline will not have their characters restored.  Please watch the forums for any updates.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding through this difficult process.
-The R2Games Team

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