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Joyopark Players: Character Restoration Options inside

We are happy to finally report that we've found a work around for Joyopark players in order to get their characters restored. We apologize that its taken this long to find a solution, but we're happy to be able to move forward on this. So we are presenting two options to Joyopark players, either to have their old character's restored, or to have the crystals purchased by their Joyopark accounts moved over to a new character. 

If you would like to have your character restored, please read the following directions. If not followed correctly we will not be able to restore your character. Srsly people. Not joking. 

First Step: Registration - Players need to register an account on www.r2games.com

Notice: You must not create any characters in any games with that account. Just don’t use the account for any games after registration. If there’s any character information on the account from any of our games, then your Joyo character cannot be transferred.

Step Two: Re-read the Notice under the First Step. Its important.

Step Three: You will need to send a PM to R2CS_JPRestore with the following information included in the PM:

* Your Real Name and Email Address
* Your Joyo Account Name, Registration Date, Registration IP/Country, Registration Email
* Your Character's Server, Character Name, Character level
* And the latest recharge info: recharge date, transaction, amount

If you have never recharged any Crystal for your character, then just include in the PM that you had never Recharged for that character.

Once we've verified your information, we'll then be able to restore your character to the new account during our weekly server maintenances.

If you would rather not have your character restored, but would like to start with a new character, or have already started with a new character and want to keep playing it, please send a PM to R2CS_JPRestore. Again include the information previously asked for in the first option, but also include your current Character's Server and Name.

Once we've verified your information, we'll then be able to send out Crystals to your new character in the amount that was purchased by your Joyopark account.

Please be aware that each player will only be able to only select one option for their characters.

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Q:What should I do if I can't enter the game on my browser?

A:Click here to download and install our official Mini-Client.