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Capturing a pet

1. Once you reach level 10, you may enter Monster Island to capture your first pet. Go and find the Beast Master in Starglade. He will teleport you to Monster Island.

2. In order to capture a pet, you will need a Pet Taming Scroll, which can be bought from a Miscellaneous Items Vendor.

3. If you would like to buy a Level 10 pet, buy a Lvl 10 Pet Taming Scroll.

4. When taming a pet, there is a chance of failure, however, the lower the monster's health, the higher the chance is in successfully capturing a pet.

5. You cannot tame a pet that is a higher level than your current level.

Types of pets

Ordinary Pets: Basic pets in the world of Crystal Saga.

Baby Pets: The Babies of Ordinary Pets, who are level 1 only (when capturing). They have a higher Maturity and Aptitudes than normal pets.

Morph Pets: They have a higher Maturity and Aptitudes, and can learn a few more special skills than ordinary pets.

Purchasable Pets: They have a higher Maturity and Aptitudes, and can learn more special skills than ordinary pets. Additionally, they have special talent skills.

Training your pet

1. When your pet enters battle and assists with killing a monster, your pet will earn experience. They will not receive any experience if the monster is 10 levels lower or higher than your pet. The smaller the level gap is, the higher the experience your pet will gain.

2. You cannot summon a pet that is 5 levels higher than your current level. Likewise, your pet will not receive any experience if they are 5 levels higher than your current level.

3. The higher level pets you capture, the higher statues point they will have.

The Pet Tab

Name: Your pet's name. Click "Rename" to give it a new name.

Level: Your pet's current level. Click "Rebirth" to reset it to level 1.

Class: His official name and class. Click "Morph" to turn it into a higher class.

Gender: Male or Female.

Loyal: Every time you or your pet dies, their Loyal lowers by 5. Once their Loyal is lower than 10, you will not be able to summon this pet anymore.

Life: Once you summoned a pet, it will lose 2 Life Points per minute.

Maturity: The higher their Maturity is, the more statue points your pet will receive each level.




Defense: Will receive an Endurance boost when leveling up.

Support: Will receive an Endurance and Intelligence boost whening level up.

Agility: Will receive an Agility boost when leveling up.

Balanced: Will receive a (n) BLANK boost when leveling up.

Race/Resi/Para: A special "Race" will receive a bonus (due to the "Para") when attacking "Resi".

Absorb: When you get attacked, 15% of the damage will be absorbed by your pet.

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